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Friday Foray

Thursday Blogs to Visit

Well, I am later than usual today with my run down of things to see on the blogosphere - I have been a bit distracted lately.

First, Stephen Den Beste has a great piece on why the Associated Press are a bunch of Crap Weasels biased reporters...

Along the same vein, John Hawkins discusses those that don't get to bid on Iraq contracts because they are Crap Weasels Fair Weather Friends.

So does Citizen Smash. He tears up the Crap Weasels so called allies - especially, the vile Chirac...

Harvey, who is definitely not a Crap Weasel, accuses me of giving away too many secrets...

Heather, who is beautiful and smart so is definitely not a Crap Weasel, has a great post and link to something that will make you laugh...even if you aren't a computer geek.

John Donovan of Argghhh!, probably one of the biggest anti-Crap Weasels around, has a petition for you to sign.

More links in a for a message from our sponsors...

Paul at Sanity's Edge has a good gift guide (JWB is my favorite blended scotch) - btw, send the Crap Weasel the scarves, the Hugh Grant movies, and white wine.

Speaking of Crap Weasels, go to Google, type in French military victories, and hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button instead of the normal search. Thanks to Nate for that one. BTW, Nate's not a Crap Weasel.

Crap Weasels don't follow these rules for drinking posted by my pal, The Bartender at Madfish Willie's.