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The Seattle Post Intelligencer has a blurb on the dog of Paris Hilton - Tinkerbell is Knocked Up:

...The Chihuahua, which airhead heiress Paris Hilton wears like an accessory, was her constant companion during the filming of her new "reality" series, "The Simple Life."

As sister Nicky Hilton tells it, "She's staying with our friend and got pregnant from a Pomeranian who is three times her size."

...People magazine says there's no word on whether any amateur video of the two dogs exists. [ed. emphasis is Blackfive's]

Ananova says there are more sites that hate Britney Spears than Saddam Hussein, according to a Google survey.

This tidbit about Paul Bettany (co-star in Beautiful Mind) via the Montreal Gazette:

Too much information: At the Paris premier of Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, some French TV guy asked co-star Paul Bettany, "How did you survive on a ship for four months?"

Of course the actors didn't spend four months non-stop on a ship, but that didn't stop Bettany, who lives with actress Jennifer Connelly. After assuring himself that the reporter was from French TV, he answered the question: "You masturbate until you're numb."

After assuring himself that the reporter was from French TV...MwaHaHAHAHA!!!