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Slight Correction

Hey, everybody, in my post about the Marine who was granted citizenship after dying in Iraq - An American Marine - I had this statement at the begining:

During a time when we give a deceased civilian military honors because his brother is Howard Dean, this story is a much needed boost.
A lot of people, not just military people, were outraged that the remains of Howard Dean's brother received military honors. However, thanks to Eric, I have found that there are some reasons behind the honors offered when the remains were brought back to the United States.

This information from the New York Times is via Say Anything:

Though Charlie Dean and his friend were civilians, they were given military honors, officials said, on the chance that the remains include those of service members missing in the Vietnam War.

"We don't know who we have until the lab says who we have," said Lt. Col. Gerald O'Hara, a spokesman for the Joint P.O.W./M.I.A. Accounting Command, which runs the international recovery missions and the forensic laboratory here. "Ninety-eight percent of the missing from this war were service members. We're treating everyone as if they could be a service member."

While it's a tradegy that we haven't located all of our service men's remains, and while it may seem that the military is adhering to this policy a bit too far, I agree with their reasoning and with Eric's Comments that he left at Say Anything. I feel it would be a great disservice if, on the off chance that a service member's remains were included with the remains of Howard Dean's brother, that service member's remains went un-honored.

That would be the real tragedy...