Tuesday Trip Through the 'Sphere
Why IS that???

Paris Hilton - Blogosphere Weirdness

This recent post of mine - Exclusive Paris Hilton Photos - has gotten about 700 hits today, and, when I checked Google, I found that, for a "Paris Hilton Photos" search, I come up second out of 370,000.

Then, later today, I had to ban a few IP's for some not-so-friendly responses to the post. Let's just say that some pervs out there were a tad bit disappointed at what they found (no, not Harvey) and didn't have much of a sense of humor.

So, why today of all days is this an issue? I finally figured it out when I read the Chicago Tribune today. It's because today is the premiere of Paris Hilton's "The Simple Life" show on Fox. Looks like the Bartender was right. Wonder if he got any residual pervs off of my architectural porn post?

Update: Kevin at Wizbang! has more on The Simple Life...

Update 2: Mr. Green has his own methods of attention and they include a lesbian rendevous between Britany and Anna...