The Crap Weasel Pulled the Commercial
What a week it's been! But wait!

New Airborne Parachute in Development

This from the Army News Service: Injuries expected to drop with new parachute

Airborne Soldiers should expect to see a new parachute system in the next few years that will replace the T-10 model that has been in use since the 1950s.

The Advanced Tactical Parachute System is expected to decrease the landing impact velocity for jumpers, provide a more reliable reserve system than the Modified Improved Reserve Parachute System of the T-10 and improve the harness.

Decreases landing impact velocity? Bet BejusPundit wished he waited to hit Jump School when this one comes out. Hell, if I was the last guy out of the door, I was the first guy to hit the ground...every freaking time.