Army Dishonors a Dying Hero
Dropping the F-Bomb

Monday Spin Through the 'Sphere

Stephen Den Beste has a post on the Metrics for Victory in Iraq - and, no, it's not what you'd hoped it would be...there is no easy way to measure victory.

Via the Emperor and Discount Blogger: Man, people, I don't think I have ever seen/read John Cole as pissed off as he is now. The Democrats are putting DEAD AMERICAN SOLDIERS on commercials for Kucinich! Cole ain't the only one who is pissed now!

Update on Kucinich: I just watched the video and I am sick, just sick, about it. Along with the rest of the KIA's, I saw my buddy's name scroll on the screen of the commercial, Major Mat Schram, used by a scumbag like Kucinich for a political campaign! I am so f--king furious that I can't really talk about it now, but I will have something later....All I have to say is two things: One, Mat Schram would be utterly disgusted by the likes of Kucinich, and, two, F--k that Kucinich bastard!

The First Best of Me Symphony is up over at Snooze Button Dreams...

John Hawkins had "The 2nd Annual Twenty Most Annoying Liberals In The United States -- The 2003 Edition"

If you haven't yet voted for Kevin's 2003 Weblog Awards, you should do so now...BTW, I am in the running for Best New Blog, but, more importantly, please vote for anyone other than Rush Limbaughtomy. I have no chance of placing but I absolutely don't want to do worse than that jerk...

Reason #1157 why I can't stand Wesley Clark...(if you were wondering what reason #1156 was, it was his consultation with Madonna about his campaign).

Via Donald Sensing, Randall Robinson finds a hilarious commenter in Tim Blair's piece about Turkeygate.

Via Juliette, Paul Beston discusses what a real NFL hero is made of...I couldn't agree more.

No, I am not bitter about Army losing to Navy. They did better than I expected them to...BTW, go here for an interesting NAVY pic that I am trying to see if it was photoshopped or not.

Donnie should be at the Basic Airborne Course today. Let's hope and pray. Anyway, here is what the 40 year old Major has in store for him...I have a post about Jump school to go up later today, maybe.