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Monday Menagerie

Kevin's Wizbang Web Log Awards are posted. No surprise that I didn't win Best New Blog (but at least I didn't lose to that site-meter-cheater Rush Limbaughtomy). My heart-felt congratulations to Allah - from the little Satan, Blackfive! Send him a note of congrats!

BTW, Allah's post on the capture of Saddam had me laughing so hard that I hurt my back!

Also, congrats to Smash! His slate did well overall (Hugh Hewitt, Smash!, xrlq, and patterico are all winners!).

Frank J. has an In My World with, of all people, Saddam. Here's a part from it:

Saddam made a whipping sound.

"That' enough out of you!" Bush said, "Maybe we could just exile him to France."

"Please, no!" Saddam pleaded, "Be merciful, younger Bush! Just a bullet to the head!"

Bill Whittle has two posts from yesterday about Saddam's capture...and as usual he tells us, in his best crack dealer voice, that he'll have more on the subject soon.

It's Spoons birthday today...

Madfish Wille's Cyber Bar has it's weekly Tales from the Champagne Room posted...

As usual, Tom The Friendly Ghost, has an understated-and-easy-to-understand way of demonstrating things...

You know, I didn't realize how cool Special Forces guys were, until I read this quote from Reuter's over at Jennifer Martinez's place...

"I'm Saddam Hussein," the man with the scruffy beard said in English when U.S. troops found him in a dirt hole. "I'm the president of Iraq and I'm willing to negotiate."

"President Bush sends his regards," they replied.

Class acts! Now, imagine how Saddam's reaction would be if anyone of the Nine were President?...the SF'er probably wouldn't have said it at all.

Update: Greyhawk sent me a reminder that Scott Ott of ScrappleFace has his post open to keep sending messages to the troops around the world. Go and leave a comment for our men and women in uniform.

Jim at Snooze Button Dreams has the 2nd installment of the BestofMe Symphony. Check it out.