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I have been cooresponding for awhile with Bobby Sr., a guy who sends us MilBloggers stuff every so often. The Christmas poems from the Paratrooper Mom were sent by him.

I don't know what it was - I finally shook the cobwebs and took notice. A few days ago, I finally saw that Bobby's tag line had something about the 82nd Airborne Division - it went like this: "Father of C Co 2/325th Medic and 3/505th Scout Team 1".

I thought, No way. This guy must have adopted a platoon or something. So, in my reply to let him know that I was posting his email.  Get ready. Here is his reply:

Hi Matt :Yes they are both with the 82nd. Spc Bobby Jr who is a Medic and 20 was wounded Sept 16 by an IED in Baghdad about 2 klics from the Aid Station. They were in a convoy headed to FSB to check on a little Iraqi girl who had been wounded by a cluster bomb at the beginning of the war. I guess if you're going to get hurt it's best to be in a convoy full of Medics and Doctors.

After 4 surgerys he's going to be ok. He took a lot of shrapnel to his left leg and groin area. Still has a piece about the size of 7.62 round in his pelvis that they left in for fear of doing more damage if they tried to take
it out. He's back at Bragg recovering ,after a 3 week hospital stay and 1 month of convalesence leave. They have him on a 6 month profile right now.

But I'm thankful he's alive and he has his leg. Pfc Alex my 18yr old son is with 3/505th. Alex was 17 when he got his wings. He was in the last week of PRC when he got orders they were deploying. He was kind of pissed as he had gotten all go's and would have gone on to Ranger School. He's a Scout on Team 1 with 3/505th Panthers. They deployed 1st week of August. He's at FOB St Michael. I'm sure glad they got Saddam just hope things slow down a little.

Yesterday was a sad day for me I received an e-mail from Alex. He was telling me about a female EOD who was killed while disarming an IED they found on a power line. Then Bobby calls me to tell be on of his buddies who was a FO died. Man it So far since major combat has ended C Co 2/325 has had 5 KIA and a quite a few wounded. I'll just be one happy man when they all get to Green Ramp.

Sorry about all the rambling.

A Merry Christmas to you and your Loved Ones Matt.

Bobby Carrasquillo Sr.

Sorry about the rambling? I had tears in my eyes reading that. Here you have a guy, who had TWO sons in Iraq, one who was wounded, and he never would have told me unless I asked. Never asked for a favor. Never did anything except want to spread the positive word on what our men and women are doing over there. Imagine how you would be if you were in Bobby Sr.'s shoes...

I want you to meet Alex and Bobby Jr. Go here and meet the boys who are defending our way of life. And be thankful that America has families like the Carrasquillos.

Keep the Carrasquillo family in your prayers.