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Tuesday Trip Through the 'Sphere

Traitors, Traitors, Traitors

Right now there is a lot of crap flying about in the press about how, when a Democratic Candidate questions the War on Terror, the Right questions their patriotism.

I call Dennis Kucinich a Traitor for producing that heinous and evil commercial that uses our war dead to push his agenda. I also call Eric Blumrich a Traitor for producing the vile Animated Commercial.

As I said earlier, after I watched the video, I became sick - sick with grief, sick with anger, sick with hate for someone who would use our fallen heroes like that...use my friends like that. They used our men and women who answered the call to serve their country during it's most dire need. Our fallen heroes paid the ultimate price and that sonofabitch uses their good names to further his floundering campaign.

It was horrible enough to see my friend Mat's name there (or Smash's friend, Kylan), but I couldn't help but think how I would respond to that if my son were on that video. I took a long walk and decided that, as much as I would like to physically express my fury or send the message in a flood of invective and foul insults, Mat Schram, would not want me to respond with anything other than intelligence and dignity. Something he was always better at than I...


How could I possibly equate Dennis Kucinich as a Traitor for having a commercial?

Because his commercial propagates the belief that, the more dead soldiers that come home, the sooner we will quit and run from Iraq. His commercial may actually incite MORE violence against our troops. His commercial could be the very reason that al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein will fight harder. His video is a shot in the arm to these bastards. What effect do you think it will have on our own soldiers?

For that, I call Kucinich and Blumrich Traitor Bastards. Traitor. Bastards.

By the way, in case you want to send them a message, you can email Eric Blumrich here and call Dennis Kucinich's campaign at (866) 413-3664.

I am sorry, buddy, but that's the best I can do.

Update: I just received an email from Eric "Asshat Traitor" Blumrich. Here's the text:

Heya! I just read your write-up on my animation! Man- you guys on the flying-monkey right can be so CUTE when you work yourselves up into a self-righteous lather. Keep it up- I got a HUGE GUT LAUGH out of your article! -eric
Evidently, the little man needs some more email from Blackfive....

Update 2: Another eloquent email from Blumrich:

Heya... I'm willing to bet you have an abnormally small penis. My money's on three inches... -eric
Everyone - if you haven't read Heather's letter to Blumrich, go read it in the comments here. I wish I could write like her. It is the best response possible.