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Interesting Christmas

I had a pretty good take this Holiday Season. Here is a run down of what happened while I haven't been blogging:

1. Was able to finally meet Heather (of Angelweave) and Brian (of Musings of Brian J. Noggle). Heather works with a friend of my wife - small world, etc., etc. The blogger meeting turned into an interview - Heather is one determined lady - made me a little nervous by writing down everything that I was saying. (Plus, I was drinking...a lot.)

I was also able to get her to show me her patented exercise for getting rid of Man-Boobs...

2. Little Blackfive has started using the potty! Hell, that might be the highlight of the week!

3. Mrs. Blackfive is pregnant! Still in shock...

4. Did not receive Medal of Honor Rising Sun (Gamecube) and did not receive Pirates of the Caribbean (XBox). Will have to purchase today. Has anyone tried either of these yet? Someone told me that Pirates was like Morrowind (which I liked).