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Friday Foray

Bill Whittle describes what it was like to attend the War Bloggers awards at the Kodak Theater. I can't believe that Charles Johnson didn't wear a tie...Aren't we supposed to be conservative? He did not mention how beautiful Juliette looked as she accepted her award. Anyway, you HAVE to read it...he is simply THAT good.

Banagor calls on Israel to leave the U.N.. The U.N. wishes to protect Palestinian children but nothing is said about terrorists murdering Israeli children (or the animals who were going to attack an Israeli school this week). Here is a bit from it:

Three weeks before then, the United Nations had passed the exact same document to protect the lives of Palestinian children - the only time any particular group of children had ever been singled out for special protection by the former august if the lives of Israeli children were less of a matter of consideration by the nations of the world.
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Sgt. Hook discusses preparations for deployment to Afghanistan. Sounds like the training is going to prepare his team as best as they can be prepared.

Paul at Sanity's Edge has more curmugdeonly blogging about the holidays and even the Easter Bunny.

Kate at Electric Venom has a new Letter of the Day...

Donald Sensing continues a discussion on the ridiculous Geneva Accord...awhile back, Tom The Friendly Ghost predicted this would be a huge topic.

Juliette at Baldilocks sends a letter to the Washington Post about the "infamous" turkey incident...

Tim at An Englishman's Castle has a new google project for us to take on...One Miserable Failure