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And they said George Bush Lied...

Dropping the F-Bomb

Strong Language Alert! I use a lot of dashes in the following post. ;->

John Kerry used the "F" word in a Rolling Stone interview. Some people are outraged. Me? I could give a f--king Rat's Ass...I will tell you why.

The utterance of the word "f--k" has a lot of different meanings and uses. When you really want to get someones attention, you use it as an adjective or verb or both. Kerry said, "Did I Expect George Bush to f--k it up as badly as he did?"

To me, this is weak use of the word to garner attention. He should have said something more smart-alecy like, "Did I Expect George Bush to hose it up as badly as he did? That guy could screw up a wet dream."

See what I mean?

If he really wanted to get his point across by dropping the f-bomb, he would have said something that like, "F--k George f--king Bush. He's a f--king f--k!"

I much prefer it's use when directing action at someone else - like when our President stuck his head in Condi's office and reportedly said in late March of 2002, "F--k Saddam! We're taking him out."

Now THAT has resonance. Kerry just sounds like a pinch-faced nerd trying to be a cool kid...or a cowboy.