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Twas the Night Before Christmas

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Hey, so Arnold is actually getting things done as the making compromises and bringing people together. Good for him!

Jennifer Martinez posts about some reporters in Iraq who are heroes!

There stories all over the news wires this morning about Europe being angry about the US excluding certain *ahem* allies from bidding on contracts. The problem is that "Europe", according to the news wires, is France, Germany, Belgium, and Russia...I think they are missing the others (and I hope they - and Australia - get big, juicy contracts - Hey, France, nah, nah-nah, nah-nah-naaahhhhh. :-p ). John Hawkins has more.

Donnie Bejus is posting more frequently. He seems to be getting along okay when people aren't telling him that he looks like Slick Willie.

Frank J. has found transcripts of FBI monitoring Howard Dean...from 1970!

I almost told one of the characters sending me hatemail over the Kucinich ad "To reach for that loud handle". Bill Whittle said he was gonna post some things over the weekend. Hey, Bill, it's 5:40 AM on Saturday in California.'s 5:41.'s 5:42. Nothing.

Hey! Spoons has more information on the LTC West Case straight from West's attorney. He also has information on how you can support LTC West....

Update: Reuter's has a story about LTC West today.

Annika has a post about selecting her choice for president.

Sgt. Hook has a post about a new addition to the family...probably a good thing with his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan. It's been a few years since I have had to get up at 0Dark:30...thank the lord.