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Blackfive Movie Review: The Return of the King

Saw the Return of the King this morning at 10:30AM along with 1,000 other fans - some crazier than others. The Middle Earth Society of Chicago was recruiting. They had people dressed as hobbits, elves, dwarves, etc. Fake ears, fake feet, fake weapons, etc. Weird. Just weird.

My wife just looked at my face and said, "Matt, please don't say anything"

Me, "Like what, Honey?"

Mrs. Blackfive, "Like 'Have you ever kissed a girl?'"

Me, "After Shatner said that in that Star Trek/SNL skit, it's kind of been used a lot. Too easy."

Anyway, the movie is great. Really great. A lot of you might complain because the Scouring of the Shire is not in it. The movie still wraps up the ending very well. There's a lot more story than I thought Peter Jackson could have crammed into 3.5 hours.

The battle scenes were well worth the wait - plus more of the backstory on Smeagol is there too. The part with the Witch-King is really damn good. The Return of the King has all of those bits that you really wanted to see. However, Sam (Sean Astin) is the real hero of this part. He steals the show - awesome performance. Although, you wouldn't know it for all the screaming women fawning all over Legolas (Orlando Bloom). I had to tell Mrs. Blackfive to calm down at one point.

One tip: I watched the extended version of the Two Towers the night before. It fills in a few things - mostly about Faramir's and Eowyn's stories. If you haven't read the books (or haven't read them in a long time), you might want to watch the extended versions of the Fellowship of the Ring and the Two Towers first.

Update: Darth VOB has more on what is not included in the movie.