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December 2003

The Blackfive New Year's Hangover Cure

Since tomorrow will prove to be a light day on the blogosphere and I won't be posting on the 1st, I thought I would share my sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, several-step program for curing the mother-of-all-hangovers:

1. Water will not help you. Many hangover cures claim that drinking water will cut the pain and agony of a dehydration headache resulting from drinking heavily. Now, I want you people to repeat these words: Water is for washing, booze is for drinking. Say it over and over again until it is ingrained in your memory. If someone offers you water, tell them you are thirsty, not dirty.

2. Vitamins will do nothing for you. Vitamin C, B-Complex, B-12, and B-1,000,000 will not help at all. I emphatically recommend highly fatty foods like bacon, cheeseburgers, Philly cheese-steaks, fries, etc. It helps if you have a good buddy that hosts a brunch on New Year's Day. Get yourself one of those before trying vitamins - as those are only for athletes and health-enthusiasts. Stick to my advice and no hangover for you!

3. There are those blasphemers that believe that Cogeners are the cause. Evidently, cogeners are darker in color and, therefore, are found in darker beverages like scotch, whiskey, and rum. I have found that this "discovery" was fabricated by the Russian mafia in an effort to promote vodka as the drink of choice. This is obviously false as I have personally experienced more excruciating mornings as the result of vodka than scotch. Also, I recently had the pleasure of testing some blogger's excellent Belgian ale and wound up with a nice hangover. My hangover-avoidance advice: Drink scotch. Stay away from the Belgian ale.

4. Sex is a good great hangover cure. This is NOT a lie spread by the Russian mafia (or the Bush Administration).

5. Keep drinking. If you keep drinking, no hangover. This is your best bet for curing/avoiding hangovers. I am going to start at about 7 or 8 PM tomorrow night and won't stop until about February.

Update: For those who take me too seriously, go here for helpful advice and then start drinking...

Tuesday Trip

Stephen Den Beste has a great post about the primary and general election...and he predicts that Eric will vote for Bush.

Next, go and vote at About in their Political Dot-Comedy Awards. Here are my suggestions:

Best Overall Humor & Best Satirical: The Onion

Best Parodies: French Military Victories

Most Entertaining Right-Wing News & Commentary: John Hawkins' Right Wing News (believe it or not, I have never read Newsmax or Drudge)

Ever wonder what the hell happened to the Bartender over at Madfish Willie's Cyber Bar? Harvey's got the scoop

Visit Sgt. Hook today.

The Acidman hit his Second Blogiversary on Sunday.

Dana at Note-It-Posts hit her six month blogiversary and puts up a great post about the Schizophrenia of Howard Dean.

Where are the moderates now?

Here's a story about a youth football league that was caught offguard this year by some of the football team names in the Annual Holiday Tournament. This one is via Fox News:

Furor Over Muslim Football Tournament
IRVINE, Calif. — The idea was innocent enough: A group of young men organize a holiday football tournament and give their teams such innocuous names as "4th and Goal" and "Playmakerz."

It was some of the other team names that raised eyebrows: Intifada, Soldiers of Allah and Mujahideen.

Now, some of you may believe that, because of the 1st Amendment, these young men can name their team whatever the hell they want. The first thing that I thought was "Why the hell are their parents allowing this to happen?" It all starts in the home. It seems that some of the Muslim community agrees.

...Muslim leaders have asked the teams to reconsider the names.

"Sensitizing our youths is our role as adults," said Hussam Ayloush, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Southern California.

But he also said he believed the players were not being malicious when they decided the names.

"In this case, the choices were totally innocent and meant for a small intra-Muslim tournament whose members all knew what the terms stand for," Ayloush said. "Unfortunately, we are aware that a few of those terms are being tainted by the abominable actions of a few Muslims."

I find it hard to believe that terms that the Palestinians have used to label their cowardly war on innocent women and children could be, in the biggest stretch of the imagination, used legimately for a sports team name. The only choices that were totally innocent were the ones made by the victims of Intifada - choices like going to work, throwing your daughter a Bat Mitzvah, or having a cup of tea.

...The league also posted an open letter on the Internet, apologizing "if anyone took offense to what was intended to simply be a positive outlet for Muslim youth."

The letter also defended the use of the word Intifada, citing the Palestinian movement.

WTF? The letter also defended the use of the word Intifada?

Okay, maybe this is just blown way out of proportion because of a few stupid kids. But where is the outrage from the Muslim community - wait, check that - the American Muslim community. A little apologizing and backtracking is all we got here, folks. If I name my football team the Columbine Massacre or the McVeighs or the Lynchers, what do you think would happen? Both liberals and conservatives would be all over me like white on rice. The outcry would be immense and intense.

So where are those people in the Muslim community? Everyone can't possibly be an extremist, right? Is everyone who is not an extremist afraid of the ire of the extremists? Even in Irvine, California? Irvine. California.

Finally, Dick Jauron is history...

Well, I have been vocal about both (1) my hope that the Bears would fire Dick Jauron and (2) that the McCaskey's (owners of the Bears) are so cheap that Chicago will get another second rate coach because he's cheaper.

Well the Bears fired Jauron today. I hope number (2) doesn't come true.

I am one of those that believe that coaches can make a significant difference. Look at the former Bears players that have excelled away from Jauron (or even Wanstadt). Look at what Dusty Baker did with the Cubs.

The talent is there. The will is there. The Bears need a proven leader, not a second rate coach.

One of the best titles...

...ever used by a News Agency for their articles. This one is via Reuters:

'Great Satan' Sends 'Axis of Evil' Member Iran Aid

Early on Monday, an Air Force C-17 plane from Charleston landed at Kerman, about 100 miles northwest of Bam, carrying 68 medical experts and 40,000 pounds of blood and other medical supplies, the Pentagon's joint transportation command said in a statement.

Over the weekend, other U.S. military planes ferried dozens more rescue and relief experts and tonnes more medical and humanitarian supplies into Iran from stocks in both the United States and Kuwait, the statement said.

It added that the planes were the first military aircraft to have landed in Iran since the end of the Iranian hostage crisis in 1981. A spokesman could not say how much the assistance was worth or whether there would be more airlifts.

Deputy State Department spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters the United States was prepared to send more aid if needed.

So, does someone at Reuters have either a sense of humor or a sense of irony...?

Update on the Carrasquillos

Here's an update on the two Carrasquillo brothers fighting in the 82nd Airborne:

1. Their father, Bobby Sr, has updated part of his site with a letter from Bobby Jr., pictures, and a great story about his unit from the Washington Post.

2. Bobby Sr. also put together two slide shows that you can download.

3. Last, son Alex contracted pnemonia, was sent to the Combat Hospital (like M.A.S.H) and was visited by the Secretary of the Army...and David Letterman visited him on Christmas Eve.

4. Bobby Jr. surprised Dad on Christmas Eve (came home 6 days early).

The Real Frontline of the War on Terror

Musharraf has survived two assassination attempts recently. While the man took power in a coup, like him or not - he is our best hope in the War on Terror and the biggest Front that we have...

Imagine if extremists were successful in taking out President Musharraf:

1. Bin Laden would have a safer haven.
2. Nuclear weapons would be in the hands of terrorists.
3. Nuclear weapons would be in the hands of terrorists.
4. Nuclear weapons would be in the hands of terrorists.

Monday Menagerie

First, Tom the Friendly Ghost has a post about Howard Dean's supporters and their criticisms of him.

Mr. Green lays blame and considers legal recourse for his drunken blogging. While I don't usually drink and blog, I do usually drink and make comments on other blogs...

Kevin at Wizbang has a great post about the Mad Cow Disease issue.

Speaking of Mad Cows, Feste at Fool's Blog has some insight as well...

Linda moved Civilization Calls to Munuvia (the new site looks great!)...Down under, Pixy Misa's little slice of the blogosphere is getting bigger.

Oh, and stop by JD Mays' site just to put an end to his anonymity and obscurity.

Interesting Christmas

I had a pretty good take this Holiday Season. Here is a run down of what happened while I haven't been blogging:

1. Was able to finally meet Heather (of Angelweave) and Brian (of Musings of Brian J. Noggle). Heather works with a friend of my wife - small world, etc., etc. The blogger meeting turned into an interview - Heather is one determined lady - made me a little nervous by writing down everything that I was saying. (Plus, I was drinking...a lot.)

I was also able to get her to show me her patented exercise for getting rid of Man-Boobs...

2. Little Blackfive has started using the potty! Hell, that might be the highlight of the week!

3. Mrs. Blackfive is pregnant! Still in shock...

4. Did not receive Medal of Honor Rising Sun (Gamecube) and did not receive Pirates of the Caribbean (XBox). Will have to purchase today. Has anyone tried either of these yet? Someone told me that Pirates was like Morrowind (which I liked).

Weekend Surfing

Things will be back to normal here on Monday morning. Going back home tomorrow (the land of the DSL line that never falters like my in-law's cable modem). Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday.

Since the New Blog Showcase was extended, there are some new entries so go check it out.

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