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Bet You Didn't Hear About This On CNN

French Influence?

There is a story from the Associated Press about Saddam's last hours in command of Iraqi forces. It talks about why he didn't counter-attack when we invaded. There's more, though, about the stinking French:

French and Russian contacts had persuaded the Iraqi leader that they could delay or block a US land invasion, the Washington Post quoted US officials familiar with Aziz's questioning.

French and Russian intermediaries "repeatedly assured Hussein during late 2002 and early this year that they would block a US-led war through delays and vetoes at the UN Security Council," the Post said Monday.

Later, they convinced him the United States would wage a long air war first, Aziz reportedly said.

Did I ever mention that I don't care for the French much? Here's one for Chirac I just made up: View Urinal Bitch