God Bless The Airborne!!!
The Case for LTC West - Part 4

Wednesday Round Up

Nick at the Patriot Paradox is starting a blogging contest to bring exposure to bloggers that are ranked lower than Large Mammals on the Blogosphere. Check it out and sign up for the contest.

Pieter at Peak Talk has the next round of Carnival of the Vanities (61st Week!) posted. Check out some of the best of the blogosphere.

John Hawkins has an interview with Robert Spencer. It's a solid interview (and well worth your time) of a man who has been prolific on issues of Islam.

Kevin at Wizbang! has the Bonfire burning - check out the worst posts of the 'sphere sacrificed to the Gods of Suck.

Mr. Green is on FIRE!!! Drink Alert and Language Alert and Pole Smoking Alert in effect!

It's National Ammo Day. I am going to buy some .45 and shotgun ammo today.

This is why Dennis Miller is my favorite talk show host/commedian/commentator. He is dead on...