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Tuesday Trot Through the Blogoshpere

Frank J. has some Bite Sized Wisdom today. Here's a bit for you:

...the U.S. should just bomb France for being a bunch of douche bags. Just fly over them and drop a couple bombs on them. It'll shut them up, and probably be an important learning experience for them.
This is an affront to all that is Irish! Fie on ye! Fie! I'm talking about the 6th point, good god man, for the love of whiskey! Thanks to Harv, for the pointer.

Heather at Angelweave review the book, Fast Food Nation. Here's a taste of the review:

Put the book on your wishlist. And switch to chicken instead of fast food hamburgers. Mark those words.
Paul at Sanity's Edge is having a Bloviating moment. BTW, who the hell is Checkov? We're not talking about the navigator that pronounces his "v's" as "w's" like "I drink wodka"?

Kate at Electric Venom has the Hunting of the Snark posted.

DeDoc's got a post about MilBlogs with some great comments on oaths...

Pardon My English has a post on something I had not heard about in reference to President Bush's visit to England...

Madfish Willie does some work on the Corner of the Bar Gang and the Corner of the Bar Babes...and, as usual, Harv's comments are freakin' priceless ("Um... you misspelled Misha's name. The only human being angrier than Chomps, and you misspelled his name. I'll send flowers to what's left of you at your funeral.") Anyway, below is very appropriate:

B.L.A.C.K.F.I.V.E.: Biomechanical Lifeform Assembled for Calculation and Killing/Facsimile Intended for Violence and Exploration