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Tuesday Links

Madfish Willie's Cyber Bar has a post about Things You Can Do To Get Excused From the Dinner Table Early on Thanksgiving.

Donnie at Ain't Done It! talks about racism and bio-weapons - and, yes, they are related in his post. Check it out.

Visit MilBlogs and check out Friends of MilBlogs - Free Speech From Those Who Make It Possible.

Read this and you might understand why I was satisfied with the selection of Peter Schoomaker as the new Chief of the Army. He is not a bullshitter or career minded officer - he was the kind of guy to take the heat in order to allow his men to take risks and make decisions. He was brought out of retirement to fill the spot - that's right, there wasn't a good choice among the hundreds of Generals on active duty. A few months ago, I expressed my thoughts on Schoomaker in relation to Wesley Clark.

"So, I tend to get pissed when someone puts General Clark on a pedestal because of his PR agent. You want to know about a good General? Check out Peter Schoomaker, the new Army Chief of Staff - he is a kick ass, take names kind of General Officer. He is the kind that would dig his own foxhole. His troops would even take a bullet for the guy. He would never be nicknamed the "supreme being" by his troops. Clark has been so named..."