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Troops in Iraq

Did you know that there are more than 30 other countries with troops in Iraq? The Associated Press gives the numbers:

Albania — 71 non-combat troops in northern Iraq.
Azerbaijan — 150 troops for law enforcement and protection of religious and historic monuments in Iraq.
Bulgaria — 485 troops patrolling Karbala, south of Baghdad. An additional 289 are to be sent.
Central America and the Caribbean:

Dominican Republic (300 troops), El Salvador (360), Honduras (360) and Nicaragua (120) are assisting a Spanish-led brigade in south-central Iraq.
Czech Republic — 296 troops and three civilians running a field hospital in Basra, and a small detachment of military police.
Denmark — 406 troops, including light infantry, medics and military police. An additional 90 soldiers are being sent.
Georgia — 69 troops, including 34 special forces soldiers, 15 engineers and 20 medics.
Estonia — 55 troops.
Hungary — 300 transportation troops.
Italy — 3,000 troops.
JapanDelays a decision Thursday on sending troops to Iraq, citing security concerns after a surge in anti-coalition violence.
Kazakhstan — 27 troops.
Latvia — 106 troops.
Lithuania — 90 troops.
Macedonia — 28 troops.
Moldova — Dozens of de-mining specialists and medics.
Netherlands — 1,106 troops, including 650 marines, three Chinook transport helicopters, a logistics team, a field hospital, a commando contingent, military police and a unit of 230 military engineers.
New Zealand — 61 army engineers for reconstruction work in southern Iraq.
Norway — 156 troops, including engineers and mine clearers.
Philippines — 177 troops.
Poland — 2,400 troops, command of one of three military sectors in Iraq.
Portugal — 120 police officers.
Romania — 800 troops, including 405 infantry, 149 de-mining specialists and 100 military police, along with a 56-member special intelligence detachment.
Slovakia — 82 military engineers.
South Korea — 675 non-combat troops with more forces on the way. But Seoul will cap its force at 3,000 rebuffing Washington's request for additional soldiers.
Spain — 1,300 troops, mostly assigned to police duties in south-central Iraq.
Thailand — 400 troops assigned to humanitarian operations.
Ukraine — 1,640 troops.
United Kingdom — 7,400 troops, with an additional 1,200 planned.

The United States is in discussions with more than a dozen other countries about providing troops.

Update 11-15-03 7:30AM CST: It seems the Associated Press left out two very important countries that have troops in Iraq.

1. Australia -- 850 troops in the theater with 250 in Iraq. Thanks to Sean for the information.

2. Mongolia -- 171 troops as part of the Polish led Multinational Division south of Baghdad. Thanks to Jeffrey Boulier of Electronic Chickens for the information.

Blackfive commenet: Hey, if you listen to the Democrats tell the story, we are all alone. While we need more help, it isn't as nearly as unilateral as you would think.