Veterans Day - Post 004 - Mike Royko
Liberals are Great...FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!!!

Today's Links

First, Harvey at Bad Money has a take on N.Z. Bear's thoughts on the Ecosystem.

Then, Harvey posts some graffiti currency that I disagree with - Mayor Daley should be crowned Emperor of Chicago.

Banagor peruses why Europeans hate Jewish people. Here's a taste:

Further along the questioning, he asked me what Jews had done to deserve this because, as he put it, they must have done something to be hated by so many people.

Annika endorses a Democrat for the Dem's not what you think (or maybe it is if you read her blog a lot)'s a tough choice with all the losers they are putting forth. I endorse Joe Lieberman. That way, more Europeans can blame more things on the Joooooooos.