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Thursday Rounds

Whilst pimping up his t-shirt, Frank J. gives us another Know Thy Enemy.  This time around it's the Protestors.

To protestors, the day they protest is known as "action day". To police, it's known as "whomping day".

If you're a police officer and it looks like protests are getting out of control, shoot a protestor. I thought I saw him going for a gun too (wink) (wink).

There are rarely large scale protests by right-leaning people on account of them having things called dignity and jobs.

On that last one, "O' contraire, mon frer".  Just check out these hard working folks.

John Hawkins discusses one of my favorite topics of late - the draft.  I am telling you that no one in the foxhole wants a draftee next to him.  You want motivated, dedicated people fighting with you.

Harvey at Bad Money has links to two very incredible link fests via songs by Toby Keith and Johnny Cash

*whisper* Pssst, everyone, Darren Kaplan is gone today.  Let's hijack/invade his blog with lots of comments and give him some hits (it's a great blog)....I am sure some of you can think of some good comments (read smart ass remarks - I just checked his fridge).  And bookmark his site, too.

Mr. Green goes after the real problem with Spam - you people!  You know who you are.  The ones that actually buy things from spammers...and his idea just might work!

Juliette has a great post on Going Quietly - or not and clinging to your 15 minutes of fame like Michael Moore on a cheeseburger.

I am with Donnie on this issue about gay marriage.  I have a few gay friends and they don't wear the gay/lesbian pride on their sleeves.  In fact, they are sick of everyone that thinks they are so cool (and, gosh, open-minded!) because they watch the Fab 5 straighten out some asswipe who can't fold his own laundry.

Update 11-20-03 Noon:  Just stumbled across this new Londoner blog with a few observations about Bush's visit.

Update 11-20-03 3PM:  Hey, anybody know where the remote to the TV is?  Hello?  Anybody?