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The Democrat Debate Tonight

Yeah, I am probably the only one who watched the debate tonight on MSNBC. Well, me and little Blackfive were trying to put a few puzzles together and watch it at the same time. He even sighed when I did when one of them said something assinine...he's a bit of a pistol. I seem to be digressing here.

Okay, the one thing that stood out was that I kept getting the impression that Wesley Clark kept insinuating that President Bush was responsible for 9/11. Anyone else get that impression?

I will have to read the transcript. If I wasn't letting my historical dislike for the man get in the way of being impartial, then he has a lot of gall to insinuate something like that. I would use harsher language except it's Sunday...

Why do I have historical dislike for General Clark?

Because he ruined the careers of two officers that I knew when they worked for him at the National Training Center. Both officers, Noah and Jeffrey, were not good friends of mine. I had gone through ROTC with them and they were definitely too starchy for me - meaning that they took the rules very, very seriously. But that was their problem with Clark. They refused to throw war games when they were "fighting" as the enemy against one of Clark's buddies (another General) from West Point. He wanted them to make his buddy look good by losing to his division. They refused. He fired them over it - I believe one of them was relieved of command and the other encouraged to resign. That pretty much kills your military career. A lot of officers in the Army knew to try to avoid working for Clark. Noah ended up getting a JD and going back in the Army as a JAG Officer.

I haven't liked Clark since 1990.

My first Clark post is here...