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The Case for LTC West - Part 4

Up date: Part 5 is here.

World Net Daily has a new article on LTC West and it is very close to what I was trying to get at in my first post.

The article has quotes for and against the actions of LTC West - the first that I've seen since the case started. Check it out.

Updates 11-19-03 at 3PM:

Senators support LTC West

LTC West Testifies at Pre-Trial Hearing

"If it's about the lives of my men and their safety, I'd go through hell with a gasoline can," he said, according to Reuters.
Update 11-19-03 4PM:

San Francisco Chronicle has more

After confronting the detainee, West left and informed his commander that he had threatened a prisoner with his gun. He said he did not tell his commander that his soldiers hit the detainee.

"I love the Army. I love my soldiers. ... I knew it was over," he said.

Prosecutor Capt. Magdalena Przytulska said West should be tried, saying his actions implied that "we're no better than the enemy we're fighting."

West's lawyer, Neal Puckett, recommended that the charges against his client be dismissed.

During breaks in the hearing, sympathetic soldiers approached and comforted West. One group asked that their picture be taken with him. A female soldier approached West and hugged him outside the hearing room.

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