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November 2003

Wednesday 'Sphere

First, the Indepundit (or LCDR Smash) has a Thanksgiving Prayer from George Washington...imagine if George Bush published the same prayer today, what would happen?

Stephen Den Beste has an interesting post on the difference between capabilities and intentions.

Tom The Friendly Ghost busts on Chirac for developing fusion power...

Well, looks like Watkins stopped kissing Frank J.'s ass for awhile and has a great post about Average Joe, looks, attraction, and dating...

Go check out the latest Bonfire of the Vanities where Kevin at Wizbang! offers up the worst posts on the 'sphere to the gods of suck.

I think The Bartender over at Madfish Willie's has me pegged....

So does Donnie...and I put in my app this morning.

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In Search Of The Mad Mortarman In Iraq

Below is a link to an article about troops in Iraq looking out for each other. It displays the kind of warrior spirit. This one will make any of you Redlegs (artillery men and women) proud! Here is an exerpt:


DBAT2003-11-24.jpgDelta Battery seeks, waits for Mad Mortarman

By Sgt. 1st Class Todd Oliver
Photo By PFC Brandon Aird
AL HAWIJA, Iraq (Army News Service Nov. 24, 2003)

...It's just that the boys of Delta are hoping to drop in on this man, drop a 105mm howitzer round in on him to be exact.

From the nearby town of Al Hawija, the Mad Mortarman lobs both mortar and artillery shells and rockets at Forward Operating Base McHenry, home to 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment. The men of 1-12 are friends of Delta Battery you see and like any good friend Delta Soldiers are a little ticked that someone is trying to kill their comrades.

Without making light of the situation, they did the only thing a bunch of artillerymen could do; they dragged their guns out to the FOB and waited.

They still wait.

But they're the patient kind, and they’re confident they’ll get the Mad Mortarman.

It's just a matter of time...


That was just a taste. Go check out the whole article.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know if they get that sonofabitch.

Tuesday Links

Madfish Willie's Cyber Bar has a post about Things You Can Do To Get Excused From the Dinner Table Early on Thanksgiving.

Donnie at Ain't Done It! talks about racism and bio-weapons - and, yes, they are related in his post. Check it out.

Visit MilBlogs and check out Friends of MilBlogs - Free Speech From Those Who Make It Possible.

Read this and you might understand why I was satisfied with the selection of Peter Schoomaker as the new Chief of the Army. He is not a bullshitter or career minded officer - he was the kind of guy to take the heat in order to allow his men to take risks and make decisions. He was brought out of retirement to fill the spot - that's right, there wasn't a good choice among the hundreds of Generals on active duty. A few months ago, I expressed my thoughts on Schoomaker in relation to Wesley Clark.

"So, I tend to get pissed when someone puts General Clark on a pedestal because of his PR agent. You want to know about a good General? Check out Peter Schoomaker, the new Army Chief of Staff - he is a kick ass, take names kind of General Officer. He is the kind that would dig his own foxhole. His troops would even take a bullet for the guy. He would never be nicknamed the "supreme being" by his troops. Clark has been so named..."

SF Gate: Is It Wrong to Root for the Iraqis?

Warning: Some of the comments from the San Francisco area residents will deeply offend you.

This Sunday's San Francisco Gate's Opinion Section is just absolutely horrid. A weekly opinion section called "Two Cents" claims to tap into a pool of Bay Area residents for comments and anecdotes. Per the SF Gate, "Columns are a representative sampling of responses to questions we pose via e-mail."

A reader and veteran, Cicero, from the bay area sent me the link along with a fisking of the opinions (his responses are in italics). It is very disturbing if the SF Gate is correct about a "representative" sampling. Read on to see what I mean.

Here is the SF Gate's Two Cents Section for Sunday titled: Is it wrong to root for the Iraqis?

Welcome to Cicero's world...

Continue reading "SF Gate: Is It Wrong to Root for the Iraqis?" »

The Week Begins

Survived the Chiefs - Raiders game. Tailgating with 30 mph winds and 20 degrees temp was interesting. The game couldn't have been better with a winning field goal with 4 seconds left. I have been to Green Bay, St. Louis, Baltimore, NY (both), Buffalo and I have not seen fans as INSANE as Kansas City Chiefs fans. We kept playing this Toby Keith song. People would stop by our grill to listen to it...then say something like "Damn right!" or "F--K the Dixie Bitches."

I am going to have to buy the whole album (One more reason: I think some of you might agree that I may have a certain affection for any song titled "I Love This Bar").

The one day I visit KC, and it's colder than Chicago. WTF?

Anyway, I had a great time partying with one Chief Warrant Officer and four Sergeants. The six of us were four caucasions, two african americans. Two officers, four enlisted soldiers. Two non-drinkers, four boozers. And I met the second Jewish Sergeant in my entire experience with the Army.

Why do I break this down for you? Because when I looked around the grill in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot, I felt like I was home. The six of us were from all over the country and all walks of life. I'm out of the military now, and I sometimes I regret not being involved as much as I used to be. But as I looked at these young (and not so young, Chief!) soldiers, I felt secure knowing they were standing watch over us. These were good soldiers, good husbands and fathers, good Americans. Damn, I felt proud just to be hanging out with them on a Sunday afternoon...

Thanks for a great time in KC, guys!

Now for some links to interesting posts around 'sphere:

Heather has a post on Burger King's New Policy on Breast Feeding...no, you can't get fries with that.

Feste at Fool's Blog has a post about how a SF charity is refusing money raised by strippers. Where do they think they are, Iowa?

J.P. Carter at the Evangelical Outpost has an item about the difference between the Muslim and Christian God.

Darren Kaplan discusses the vile endorsement of Howard Dean by Ted Rall (jackass extraordinaire!)

Update 11-24-03 noon: Looks like Krugman is wrong with his economic analysis. I remember hearing from every left wing nut job that, when the positive 3rd Quarter results came in, the jump in the economy was due to the tax cut and would not be sustainable for another quarter, let alone another year.

Weekend Blogging

Since Saturday's postings are a bit sparse on the Blogosphere (of course, take a spin through my blogrolls first or checkout the New Blog Showcase), why don't you check out some of these great sites:

MilBlogs - Free speech from those who make it possible


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Also, you have an opportunity to explore the more 'racier' side of the Blogosphere: Madfish Willie is starting a LinkLoveFest called: Tales from The Champagne Room [Remember, there is no sex in The Champagne Room].

Madfish will be taking your links to all the erotic tales (real or imagined), dirty jokes, risque post titles, cartoons, suggestive pics, and just generally nasty stuff in the blogosphere.

To get a better idea of what Madfish is doing, go read the posts listed here.

Send your links to [email protected] by Saturday, 12:00 noon to be included in the weekly round-up posted on Sunday afternoons! Any details or story set-up sent with links will be posted. Remember, people, this is a bar not a Sunday School class.

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