Friday Foray

Our President

So, by now, everyone knows the President flew to Iraq on a secret mission to spend Thanksgiving with the military in Baghdad. Damn am I proud of our cowboy president.

I'll echo some of the sentiments of Misha, Jennifer Martinez, Baldilocks, Sarah at Trying to Grok, and the Patriette. All have a slightly different take on the events - read them all.

Since a jet was hit by a surface-to-air missle a few days ago, this was quite a risk for the President to take. The utmost secrecy had to be employed. For instance, the President's own father and mother flew to Crawford for Thanksgiving with their son and had no clue he was going to Iraq. I'll bet that George H.W. Bush was very proud of his son that day.

It was obvious that the troops loved our President's visit. One Private was in tears saying how the President took time away from his own family to be with them.

This synopsis via CNN:

As Bremer prepared to read a presidential proclamation to the troops, he said, "Let's see if we've got anybody more senior here who can read the president's Thanksgiving speech. Is there anybody back there who's more senior than I?"

Bush then emerged, misty-eyed and wearing a U.S. Army exercise jacket, to a roaring ovation.

The stunned and elated soldiers jumped to their feet, pumped their fists in the air, roared with delight and grabbed their cameras to snap photographs.

"I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere," Bush joked, and added: "I can't think of a finer group of folks to have dinner with."

Then the commander-in-chief got serious.

"You are defending the American people from danger and we are grateful. You are defeating the terrorists here in Iraq."

The insurgents in the country are "testing our will. They hope we will run," he said.

But, he said, "we did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost of casualties, defeat a ruthless dictator and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins."

That line prompted a standing ovation.

More via the Department of Defense, Defend America web site:

...Turning back to the troops, the president said the nation remembered its military on Thanksgiving Day, especially those "who paid the ultimate price for our security and freedom. We ask for God's blessings on their families, their loved ones and their friends, and we pray for your safety and your strength, as you continue to defend America and to spread freedom."

Bush said each service member had answered "a great call, participating in an historic moment in world history. You live by a code of honor, of service to your nation, with the safety and the security of your fellow citizens. Our military is full of the finest people on the face of the earth.

"I'm proud to be your commander in chief," Bush concluded. "I bring greetings from America. May God bless you all."

If this isn't a reason to join Blogs for Bush, I don't know what is...

I am waiting for the cries that it was a giant photo-op.

Update: Here's one - Spoons believes it was a photo-op.

Update: John of Argghhh! spanks a few moonbats over at Dean's blog decrying the Iraq visit.