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Veterans Day - Post 003

Naked Self Interest....

I am a Sunday political show junkie. I usually watch Fox and Meet the Press, and flip between ABC's This Week and CBS.

I saw Senator Biden, who talked about getting France and Germany to send troops to Iraq, on This Week (with George Stephanopolis). It would only be a Democrat who would suggest such a thing. Hey, let's get others to help, but France? Germany? Belguim?

Here is a Reuter's article about Biden and others calling for a summit to beg for help from these countries.

"We should use this as an opportunity to sort of say, 'OK let's move to plan B here because look, the bottom line is we need more forces in there ... and they are going to have to give the international community a bigger piece of the decision-making process," Biden said.

He said French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder would agree to send troops to Iraq because of "their naked self interest."

After the infamous memo leak, and the obvious duplicitousness of France and Germany, I don't wonder who's Naked Self Interests will be served by a summit begging our "friends"(?) for help.

It's the Democrats who hope to gain by this.