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First, you have until December 4th to send a package to troops in Iraq or Afghanistan if they are to receive them in time for Christmas (yeah, I said Christmas - not "the Holidays"). Click here for other ways to help our military men and women AND their families.

Now for some news...

Security Situation in Al Anbar Province Improving, Says 82nd Airborne Commander

Reducing the unemployment in towns like Falujah where upwards of 60 to 70 percent of the population is jobless is also high on the general's list. "What we have to do is create jobs so the Iraqis have legitimate work to do that they get paid for, as opposed to being available for some former regime loyalists who get them to carry out attack on Americans," he said.

Swannack said there have been almost 9,000 jobs new jobs in the Al Anbar province in the last two months. This includes putting Iraqis back to work at a brick factory as well as those who have joined security forces.

The general said there are many ammunition supply points throughout the province. Six hundred Iraqis and 100 trucks from the Al Anbar truckers union have been hired to collect these munitions. Also, "we're trying to sign a contract with the truckers to transport supplies throughout the battle space," he said.

There are also jobs through construction and restoration. This includes restoring 315 of 700 mosques in the area, and improving sewer systems, schools and health clinics.

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82nd Airborne Division Helps Refurbish Iraqi Mosques

The 82nd began work on the mosques prior to the holy month of Ramadan as a way to show the community its desire to help. Renovating and refurbishing the mosques was one way that the Coalition Forces in the area could make a positive impact during Ramadan.

The work on the mosques is supervised by Imam Kalid Sulliman, Al Anbar Imam Council Chairman and member of the Provincial Council. Imam Sulliman, along with a committee of engineers and other religious leaders, is responsible for ensuring that funds are distributed and that work is completed on the mosques in the area.

Don't forget about Afghanistan.

Reservists Open A Clinic In Iraq

Pictures from Iraq:

173rd Airborne Visits Orphanage

4th ID provides kids with school supplies and teddy bears