Weekend Blogging
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The Week Begins

Survived the Chiefs - Raiders game. Tailgating with 30 mph winds and 20 degrees temp was interesting. The game couldn't have been better with a winning field goal with 4 seconds left. I have been to Green Bay, St. Louis, Baltimore, NY (both), Buffalo and I have not seen fans as INSANE as Kansas City Chiefs fans. We kept playing this Toby Keith song. People would stop by our grill to listen to it...then say something like "Damn right!" or "F--K the Dixie Bitches."

I am going to have to buy the whole album (One more reason: I think some of you might agree that I may have a certain affection for any song titled "I Love This Bar").

The one day I visit KC, and it's colder than Chicago. WTF?

Anyway, I had a great time partying with one Chief Warrant Officer and four Sergeants. The six of us were four caucasions, two african americans. Two officers, four enlisted soldiers. Two non-drinkers, four boozers. And I met the second Jewish Sergeant in my entire experience with the Army.

Why do I break this down for you? Because when I looked around the grill in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot, I felt like I was home. The six of us were from all over the country and all walks of life. I'm out of the military now, and I sometimes I regret not being involved as much as I used to be. But as I looked at these young (and not so young, Chief!) soldiers, I felt secure knowing they were standing watch over us. These were good soldiers, good husbands and fathers, good Americans. Damn, I felt proud just to be hanging out with them on a Sunday afternoon...

Thanks for a great time in KC, guys!

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Update 11-24-03 noon: Looks like Krugman is wrong with his economic analysis. I remember hearing from every left wing nut job that, when the positive 3rd Quarter results came in, the jump in the economy was due to the tax cut and would not be sustainable for another quarter, let alone another year.