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If You Support Our Military...

...Then you only a have a few more days to send a positive message to our troops or their families in time for Christmas. Here are some details on how YOU can make a difference with just a few dollars.

You can support our military families (some even qualify for food stamps) by participating in the Gift of Groceries campaign or the Operation Helping Hands campaign.

You can donate frequent flier miles to help reunite military members with their families through Operation Hero Miles.

Here is something that I have contributed to a few times already: Operation Phone Home - where your donation allows a soldier overseas to call loved ones back home. I'll never forget when AT&T gave us tons of free time to call home during Desert Shield and Storm.

I get quite a few emails from people who say that they never served in the military and want to know what they can do to support our troops. Donating to any of the above operations will make a huge difference in their morale and lives.

Last, military reservists, retirees, and families can go to this link to find a blood donation center where your blood donation will go directly to the military.