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Flu shots might not work

Via Reuters: CDC Sounds Alarms on Flu Outbreak, Urges Flu Shots

I received a flu shot a few weeks ago for the bargain price of $10. This article is a bit confusing with it's message on the flu vaccine.

Okay, so first it's like "Dude, get your shots!"

Warning that an earlier-than-usual influenza outbreak could foreshadow a severe flu season, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control on Monday urged Americans to get a vaccine to guard against infection.
Then, it's like "Dude! Those shots probably ain't gonna work!"
Gerberding said that the Atlanta-based CDC also was concerned about a new strain of flu that does not match the strain in the current vaccine.
So, next time, CDC, why don't you just give everyone a papercut and pour some lemon juice on'll be the same as getting the shot and you won't spend as much money on syringes and vaccine...