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Boycott Country Insurance Update

Update to the Boycott Country Insurance post. Evidently, they have gotten a few complaints. I received this form letter a few hours ago:

Sir or Madam:

Thank you for your email. COUNTRY is proud of our employees serving in the military, and we want to do what's right. Our policy has always been to reinstate employees called up for active military duty. But, our procedures regarding that policy are confusing, and for that we are truly sorry. Our intent was always for employees on military leave to have a job to return to. Beginning today, COUNTRY no longer sends a
termination of employment notice to employees on active military leave.

We will instead place them on military leave during their active duty. And, as always, these employees can return to work at COUNTRY with full benefits. We reviewed our military leave policy with a representative of the National Committee of Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. Army National Guard Col. Brarry Cox of that National Committee said he was happy with our quick response to concerns.

We hope the changes we have made today will reflect the original intent of our military leave policy and eliminate any future misunderstandings of the policy.


Melinda Zehr
Public Relations Manager
Phone: 309- 821-2009 / Fax: 309-820-5739
[email protected]

While I would like them to do more for their reservist employees, at least they are complying with the law.

Thanks to everyone that sent them an email or made a phone call.

Thanks to Jennifer, Donnie, Jeff and Jack for spreading the word on their blogs. I owe you...