Bet You Didn't Hear About This On CNN
Memo To France: Shut The F--k Up

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs

For those of you who are military geeks, you might want to check out Argghhh! today. John posted the AAR of the 101st Airborne's part in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Looks like the Dems just lost their jobless recovery talking points about the economy. Good.

I also updated my blogroll with some new ones. I owe Juliette an appology - not because she asked - but I thought I had her on the roll awhile ago. Long overdue...

John Hawkins has a post on The Democrats Made Their Bed & In 2004 They're Going To Have To Lie In It

Harvey did the A-Z about himself - somethings, you just don't want to know. ;->

Speaking of lists, Heather has one too.

Hey, you people know I don't care for the French, right? Serenity has an interesting post on the unconditional surrender of a Frenchman...

Sgt. Hook has a link to sign a Get Well card for a soldier. Go sign it.

Mr. Green is getting some attention...finally.