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Best O' My Blogosphere Today

Hey, blogging might be light this week since my wife and son are with the In-Laws this week. That means my drinking might get in the way of my blogging...And Mr. Green said that you have to have priorities...he ought to know.

Frank J., usually first on the blog roll to check has a hilarious In My World that starts with:

"Honey, you need to take out the trash," Laura Bush told her husband a bit irately.

"But I'm busy planning this country's economic future and fighting the war on terror."

"No you're not," Laura answered, "You're watching an A-Team marathon. Now take out the trash. Oh... and someone left a message for you on the front door."

John Hawkins has an interesting interview of Bernard Goldberg (author of "Bias") who has a new book out today.

It's Stupid Customer Week here in the blogosphere. First, there was Harvey. Now, there's a tale of an ignorant customer by Susie. Anyone else?

Tom The Friendly Ghost has an interesting post about French Nuclear Power (read electric power production) and the problems they are having getting it to work. *whisper* Pssttt. Don't tell the Iranians about it.

John of Argghhh! is still not back but that's no excuse to not visit. Hate him 'cause he's at the Red Lion but don't hate his blog.

Margi fisks...the National Weather Service?????

Kate has the Snark Hunt - Week 11 posted at Electric Venom.

Allah has moved. It must be those pesky Jews, again!

I might need to move south just to hang with these folks. Mrs. Blackfive is a Carolina girl so she has been after me to move away from the frozen north. Now, I'm thirsty, dammit. Any bloggers in the Chicago area want to get something going this week? This hour? Right now?

Speaking of drinking, the Bartender at Madfish Willie's Cybe Saloon has a new logo for the Corner Of The Gang.