Saving Specialist Gray
More News From the War on Terror That You Will Never Hear About

Tuesday Links

John Hawkins has a new list: Right-Of-Center Bloggers Select The Books That Have Had The Biggest Impact On Their Thinking

Frank J. has some more Bite Sized Wisdom for you. Here's a Bite Sized taste:

Do you want to have to explain why the terrorists aren't dead to your children?

"Daddy, why aren't the bad people dead"

"Because of Demi-crats and Europeans."

Harvey has some advice on which service to choose - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines! It's a great way to start! (anyone?)

Speaking of the Navy, there is this commercial they produced with the stolen saying, "If there was a book about your life, would anyone read it?" In Heather's case, yes!

The new Bonfire of the Vanities is up at Wizbang! Go see the worst posts in the 'sphere sacrificed to the gods of suck.

Jennifer's (Jennifer's History and stuff) interview is up over at Daniel's place.