Mahim Continues the Moslem Discussion (?)
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Thursday Linkage

Frank J. has some history on Clinton and it's based on a true story.

Donnie of Ain't Done It posted a bio of sorts that is an interesting read.

Banagor has a post on Bin Laden's Bidding - an essay about what the terrorists really want, Victory.

Heather continues her story of her fight with cancer when she was 19: Part III and Part IV.

On the lighter side, you single folks go visit Ross at Rocket Penguin. He has some great dating tips. I still maintain that the best movie to watch on a date is "Hard Boiled". (Anyone?)

This latest story has caused a stir on the 'sphere. It's about LTC West - a commander under charges of assault for using heavy-handed methods of gaining information from an Iraqi policeman in league with terrorists poised to strike LTC West's men. Serenity, Misha, Spoons, 4 Right Wing Wackos and others have posted on it. Any combat vets out there care to comment?

The military community rallies round LTC West. It will be very interesting to see how this turns out. With 33 attacks on American troops per day, LTC West is also receiving support from troops in Iraq.