Media Bias - Let's ask Europeans in Paris what they think about our President
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Jack Black as ComputerMan. I am a huge fan of Jack Black and Tenatious D so if you don't like either one, chances are that you won't like ComputerMan...

Frank J. has another installment in the In My World chronicles:

"Who is it now?" Bush asked with annoyance.
"An evil demon that vows to destroy the world and eat your soul!"
Bush jumped out of his chair in surprise. "But Hillary promised she wouldn't run for the presidency!"

Stephen Den Beste discusses the meaning of "fruitful dialogue" where the EU is concerned...with our death penalty stance.

I believe that Spoons and Baldilocks first linked to a story about home defense. A story where a man defends his home with a shotgun from invaders that have chosen his home because of his race. There was a lot of criticism as to the veracity of the story. I have no idea about whether it was true or not. I have known a victim of a hate crime and thought about posting it as a story - essentially, my college room mate was beaten up for being a Jew when he is actually Catholic - and thought that the only way to prove the story was to provide a Police report number and Cook County Court Case number. Sorry, but I think in cases like the above home defense story, it's not too much to ask to provide a police report number...If you are worried about your anominity, then you shouldn't post the story in the first place.

Hey, Lileks does another classic takedown of Colleen Rowley (her article on the Bush Administration's alleged character assassinations of anyone who disagrees with their policies).

It's Heather's Angelweave 6-month Blogiversary - check it out.

John Donovan at Argghhh! posts on the WMD and why they might be more elusive to find than you might think.

Via Mr. Green - Heather of Angelweave tries to have an intelligent conversation with a lefty about minimum wage and it distingrates into a debate on race...

Via FoolsBlog - The Navy celebrates it's 228th Birthday! Harv, you doing anything special?

John at QandO provides some information on the success of the post-war plan.