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The Ups and Downs of Blogging

So what the hell happened to Blackfive's readership last week? It went through the proverbial roof like Billy Idol on Viagra...

Well, I didn't follow Kevin's advice to get noticed by the blog-giants. I didn't contact anyone this week about linking a post on my site except for Frank J. on Friday.

Somehow, Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan, the folks at Little Green Footballs, Citizen-Smash, John Hawkins, and Misha all linked to the post on Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors.

The funny thing was that I wrote it weeks ago and decided not to publish it. It sat, mostly finished, in a notebook. It took the stupid speech by the Malaysian Prime Minister to make me go ahead with the post.

As of Sunday (the 19th), I had been averaging about 400 unique visitors per day. I went from 500 visitors on Monday, to 5,500 on Tuesday, to 12,000 on Wednesday, 3,000 on Thursday, and 2,000 on Friday. Essentially, I received about 20,000 extra visits last week. I have even had a few media contacts this week, too. Amazing. When I started this blog, I figured that if I had 100 per day, that'd be good enough...

This little adventure has also put me in contact with some bloggers that I hadn't known about before. There are so many great blogs out there. That's made this whole blog thing worth it for me.

If you are one of those who visited here via the "blog-giants", thanks for returning.

If you are here because you're a regular reader, thank you even more.