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The Blogger Drinking Game

“Wonderful, varied words: blitzed, blasted, blotto, bombed, cockeyed, crocked, ripped, looped, loaded, leveled, wasted, wiped, soused, sizzled, smashed, and schnockered. Stewed, stinko, stupid, tanked, totaled, tight, and tipsy. Not to mention feeling no pain, three sheets to the wind, in one’s cups, intoxicated, addle-pated, and pixilated.” – Bruce Weber

Welcome to the Blogger Drinking Game – a game that can be played alone or with friends on-line, or at any bar with internet connectivity. The inspiration came to me when Michael Taylor suggested a few drinking games to post. Mr. Green also assisted in the development and testing…well, mostly the testing.

The Blogger Drinking Game Rules:

1. A player’s opponents must decide whether the player must "Play By The Rule" or "Play By The Exception". This game is designed so that it is more likely to find the items listed by blog, thereby causing someone to drink. If one "Plays By The Rule", one drinks every time one finds a statement about a blogger to be true. If one "Plays By The Exception", one drinks if the statement is untrue. Also, one is a wimp.

2. Bonus drinks apply to both players as they tend to occur infrequently and are usually fun to spot anyway.

3. There are two rounds.
A. The First Round:
(1) Play By The Rule: For instance, if "x mentions y in the last week" is the statement, then one drink is alotted for each time y is mentioned that week. All Bonus drinks count for one drink.
(2) Play By The Exception: For instance, if "x mentions y in the last week" is the statement, one drink is alotted if y is never mentioned in the last week. All Bonus Drinks count for one drink.

B. The Second Round:
Same as above except Bonus Drinks Are Doubled Per Statement Occurence.

Round One - one drink per true statement per blog - all bonus drinks apply for one drink):
1. Mr. Green mentions Purdue (or the Boilermakers) within the last week.
2. Heather talks about fitness topics like exercises, biking, or weightloss within the last week. Bonus Drink if she uses the word man-boobs.
3. Blackfive mentions that he was once in the military within the last week.
4. Susie mentions the movies anywhere in her post within the last four days. Bonus Drink if she posts a cleavage picture.
5. John Donovan of Argghhh! posts gun porn (i.e. pictures of weapons, or weapon platforms) within the last three days. Bonus Drink if John mentions the Prince of Darkness (POD=Wesley Clark).
6. Harvey of Bad Money actually posts graffiti currency today. Bonus Drink if he publishes a "200 Words Or Less" post today.
7. Annika posts a poem this week. Bonus if her Monday Night Football prediction comes true.
8. Chip has to steal one of Paul's or Annika's ideas for a post today. Bonus Drink if he forgot to pay his ISP bill and his site is down.
9. Paul criticizes Chip within the last week. Bonus Drink if he tells a drinking story.
10. Don Watkins of Anger Management makes you laugh out loud today. Bonus Drink if your coworkers stop by to see what you are laughing at...Another Bonus Drink if you have to clean off your monitor.
11. Pejman posts a haiku today. Bonus Drink if it's about the Bears.

Round Two
1. Stephen Den Beste has more than 24 paragraphs in a single post today, drink once for every paragraph over twenty four. No need for Bonus Drinks here, you have work to do...
2. Rachel Lucas posts a picture of her dogs today. Bonus Drink if Rachel uses the word "Asshat" in any post today.
3. Glenn Reynolds (White Glenn) of Instapundit uses the words "UPDATE" or "ANOTHER UPDATE" today. Bonus Drink if he uses "Indeed" or "Heh".
4. Emporer Misha I rips a moonbat a new asshole in a post today. Bonus Drink if he calls anyone a FuckWit - comments count on this one.
5. Venomous Kate snarks someone today (one drink for each snark). Bonus Drink if she posts a Letter of the Day entry.
6. Margi makes you blush today. If she doesn't, maybe we should move this one up the list a bit so you aren't so drunk.
7. Frank J. misspells a word in any post today. Bonus Drink if he misspels his own name - comments count on this Bonus Drink.

Note: Still celebrating Cubs victory...*hic*95 years!*hic* if I left anyone out with a good idea that should be added to the game, let me know...*hic*95 years!*hic*... Some bloggers were excluded due to their lack of consistency in posting (hence nothing to cause a drink consistently) or I was just careless...*hic*95 years!*hic*