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October 2003


I tend to get more hatemail than trolls in the comments. Why is that?

Because I usually delete BS comments.

It almost always tends to be the same guy who changes his name and IP (because I banned the first ten or so addresses). You can always tell by the writing style, the type of mis-spellings, or rhetoric. You could say that I have a troll with multiple personality disorder.

Or it is someone who cuts and pastes about 4 or 5 pages of drivel from their site or some other liberal pundit site instead of providing a link with some commentary why I am wrong about a particular subject.

The troll comments are almost never about discussing an issue, but frequently are about acknowledging how smart the troll is...poor troll, mommy never paid enough attention to you?...too bad.

Or it is someone that prays for the murder of my family in an effort to portray muslims as violent...


Reactions to Hateful Words

Tom the Friendly Ghost looks at the reaction around the world to the Malaysian Prime Minister's anti-semitic speech. Tom wraps up with this:

President Chirac had no intention of condemning Mahathir's speech. He only did it because he received bad press. So what does Jacques Chirac have against Israel?
Probably not much, unless you count the growing muslim population at home that is mostly unemployed and uneducated. I think he is terribly afraid of problems at home (terrorism) if he takes too hard a stance.

Of course, anti-semitism does have a history in France, but I think in this case Chirac is just being cagey...and cowardly.

Lunch Time Links

Heather of Angelweave gets interviewed over at Jen's place.

Send Jen questions for her interview with me.

The Bartender and owner of Madfish Willie's Cyber Bar has a tale of the Corner of the Bar Gang.

Frank J. has another Frank Answers post up - the answer that includes the use of UN summits?, hhmmmm...good idea, Frank.

Harvey links to Laughter to Fury - a post on fear and living in a big city. I can tell you that Mrs. Blackfive and I definitely did a lot of soul searching about moving out of Chicago after 9/11. We're still here...

On a lighter note, Eric at Straight White Guy has a post on the Bad Breath in Briton...

Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors

At first, I was so damn angry after the experience you are about to read that I didn't trust myself to write something coherent. Then, I calmed down and figured that it was an anomaly. I wasn't going to write about this experience, but, with the recent comments coming out of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Malaysia, I thought that I might be able to shed some light on what we are up against in the world...

One of my friends is a guy I met in grad school a few years ago. He's a lawyer that practices IP law and was pursuing a MS in Computer Science to further his knowledge of programming. He is brilliant. Went to U of Chicago undergrad, then Northwestern University Law. He works for one of the biggest law firms in the world. He is from Pakistan. His name is Masood.

A few months ago, Masood invited me to his brother's birthday party. Since I love Middle Eastern food and knew his family pretty well, I went. After the party, we went to a bar on the city's northwest side where a lot of Pakistanis hang out (and, yes, they drank alcohol).

We played cards for awhile and then moved back to the bar. The course of our conversation eventually turned from sports and business to politics and religion - and it went badly. Almost immediately, the Israelis were blamed for everything from SARS to the price of bread.

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The Girl That Inspired The Song...

I noticed the hint, too, Kevin.

Rachel Lucas hear me now - The.Blog.World.Needs.You.

Anyway, everytime I hear this song, I think of Rachel (in a non-romance kind of way...'cause I'm happily married. She is damn cute, though.). It pretty much describes her writing style. As Kevin pointed out, we probably never would have ever heard the word "Asshat" without her.

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What blogs to see this weekend?

Since Saturday's postings are a bit sparse on the Blogosphere (of course, take a spin through my blogrolls first or checkout the New Blog Showase), why don't you check out some of these sites I have been watching lately:

On The Fritz - humor, humor, humor and pretty damn good writing.

SimonWorld - An Aussie speaks straight from Hong Kong.

Man Sized Target - a fellow Maroon transplanted to Texas.

Matrix Reborn - blogger from Phoenix. I first read the post on the debate in Phoenix.

Looks like Donnie moved his site - Check it out. He got my vote in the New Blog Showcase and I just blogrolled him.

Visit Taco Flavored Kisses - yeah, I don't where the title came from, either, but I bet it's a good story.

How about ObscuroRant? - I tracked back a ping and liked what I saw/read.

Jump up on The Lopsided Poopdeck and see what's about.

Ah, The Everlasting Phelps - Phelps has a good post on "the Reagan Gambit" (take on the Chinese Space Program like we took on the Cold War).

Have a great weekend!

New Blog Showcase

My votes for the awesome New Blog Showcase hosted by the Truth Laid Bear:

Hypocrisy and Hypotheses with the post - Same Thing Every Year.

She Who Will Be Obeyed with the post - Life, The Universe, and Everything...

I was going to place a vote for the Left Coast Conservative - that is until I noticed that his URL for his entry is the same as his weblog. Meaning, if you have the Left Coast Conservative linked anywhere, it might count as a vote in the NBS. I have a problem with this...emailing the N.Z. Bear about it now at 4:30 Pm CST.

Update: The N.Z. Bear got back to me on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, there is no way to rectify the situation for the Left Coast Conservative except to pull the blog from the Showcase. This is not what I wanted to happen as I wanted to vote for LCC, but, in all fairness, it had to be done. My apologies to LCC and good luck in next week's Showcase.