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October 2003

Saturday Surf

Since Saturday's postings are a bit sparse on the Blogosphere (of course, take a spin through my blogrolls first or checkout the New Blog Showase), why don't you check out some of these sites I have been watching lately:

I have been looking at Civilization Calls for a few weeks. The Bartender pointed out a great post of hers just yesterday.

Tom of Tom's Nap Room - another blog that made the move to Munuvia - has something in common with Mr. Green. They both hate Notre Dame.

Mr. Green also recommends this hilarious blog. It's R rated and not suitable to be reading with small children in the room or a tasty beverage in close proximity to your mouth.

Irreconcilable Musings with a great post on Defending the Blogosphere Front in the War on Terrorism

Jennifer Martinez posts a letter from a GI in Iraq about Iraqi support of our military.

Foreign Pledges Total 20 Billion for Iraq

Okay folks, the results are in...Let's take a look at who is ponying up for Iraqi reconstruction:

1. The World Bank pledges 3-5 Billion
2. The International Monetary Fund pledges 4.25 Billion
3. Japan, that's right, Japan pledges 5 Billion
4. Saudi Arabia pledges 1 Billion
5. European Union pledges 1.3 Billion
6. Iran pledges 300 million

Okay, so I have to say it. Where the hell is Kuwait? And Saudi? WTF, Saudi Arabia? One lousy Billion dollars to rebuild the country that threatened your existence for decades? I just don't get it. I you lift up a rock in Saudi Arabia, you might find one billion dollars...

Seriously, what the hell are you thinking?

Time for President Bush to send Moose and Rocco to talk to Saudi Arabia. This is complete B.S.

Oh, and a big thank you to Japan. I don't forget about things like this and neither should you.

My Interview and Other Stuff

First, go check out my interview hosted by the lovely Jennifer. You just might be surprised at what you learn about me...

Next, Tom The Friendly Ghost has a good post about China and Pakistan taking part in joint naval maneuvers. This is not good news folks...

Hold back the tears. Via his wife, Beth, John Donovan is temporarily imprisoned at the Red Lion Inn in Salisbury, England, and he is concerned about blogging. For the love of god, man, have a Bass on tap!!!
* deep breath * There. Now I'm thirsty. Thanks, John. Thanks a lot...

Hey, someone call the cops! Don Watkins just killed a Muppet! No, I'm serious!

Eric, the Straight White Guy, has moved off of Blogger and onto MovableType. The Exodus continues...

Serenity has a really great post about Conservatism.

I keep thinking about this. First, it's attack Blackfive. Then, it's pick on Paul. I thought is was over the top when he declared that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with Hemingway's worm-infested corpse. Now, he needs a poll to establish a tagline for his blog. What the hell?! He better step it up soon or people are going to think that he is an intern around here.

Donnie at Ain't Done It! has a banner for Blackfive, and I think it's because he got all the candy bars at Ranger School.

Killer Kayaking

I have mentioned before that I have a slight hearing loss.   It equates to about a 20% hearing loss, and it's noticeable because my lovely wife still reminds me to wear a hearing aid all of the time.  Basically, I can listen to people talking to me just fine unless there is a lot of background noise...like in a bar, amusement park or the beach.

One of my Army buddies from my days in the 3rd Infantry Division, Todd, lived a quarter mile north of Zuma Beach in Malibu, California.  I went to visit him a few years ago in late August, and he decided to teach me how to kayak on the ocean.  Being from Chicago, where the waves of Lake Michigan rarely get over a few feet, kayaking on the open ocean was something that I wanted to experience.

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Lunchtime Linkage

Be sure to visit the beautiful Jennifer today and check back at her place tomorrow for her interview of me. There will be lots of alcohol, monkeys, and talk of Colin Powell.

My favorite blogger, Frank J., has more bite sized wisdom today.

Stephen Den Beste has another great post on friendship.

John Hawkins discusses how Defending America Is Now A Partisan Issue.

I owe Donnie a scan of the coin in my wallet. You don't challenge Airborne types...you just don't. I will get to a scanner in a few hours.

Fury and Rage!

This via My Life As An Army Wife: These two jackasses, Gary Grossman and James Skelly, worte a letter inviting dissent among our troops.

I served as both a sergeant and officer in the U.S. Army. You two academics need to learn a lesson about honor and courage. Those are words you use freely, yet I am sure you have no real understanding of the depth of their meaning...

You disgrace the uniforms you once wore. You disgrace the memory of every soldier that gave his life for his country and defended your right to spew your traitor-language.

You severely underestimate the intelligence, will, and morality of those in military service. In order to protect innocent civilians, our servicemen are dying rather than defending themselves with unrelenting force. Your "message" to our soldiers actually might get more of them killed. Did you think of that?

You should stop hiding your cowardly selves behind academia.

You treasonous bastards! You are not consientious objectors. Just cowards...

Anti-War Rallies Planned

Anti-War imbeciles are planning another set of rallies in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

For those of you in those cities, please visit this site, stock up on supplies, and get out there to protest the protestors! You can hit the snooze button on their fifteen minutes of infamy!

I am going to be in DC in a few weeks. You think International AssHat could have waited until I got there. Damn....

Note: The anti-war protests in Chicago are always scheduled during rush hour on major streets. Whatever you want to think about Mayor Daley, his strategy is great for dealing with the anti-war idiots. There is not one thing more effective at disenfranchising some idiotarian group in Chicago than them being blamed for rush hour traffic jams.

Best of My Blogosphere Today

First off, visit Frank J. today because he blames everything on the JOOOOOOS!

Don't forget to email questions for Jennifer's Interview of me. You have until midnight.

Harvey points to a post in American Digest about two religions at war.

For some reason, it took my favorite Bartender at Madfish Willie's to point out this vid of GW punching the snot out of Saddam at Donnie's blog Ain't Done It. I must have been blind as I check out Donnie's site every day.

Tom The Friendly Ghost has a post about a French judge that pleasured himself in court.

Welcome Ross to the blogosphere! He doesn't know I found out about his new blog yet. Check out the post on A.N.S.W.E.R.

Kevin at Wizbang! just posted the next round of Bonfire of the Vanities (the worst posts of the week).