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Brian's 6-month Blogiversary

New Blogger on the Loose

"This is an excellent martini - sort of tastes like it isn't there at all, just a cold cloud." - Herman Wouk

"That is a damn, fine martini! Wow, it's gone already...I'll be back after I make another batch." - Blackfive tries LC Taylor's martini recipe.

Well, Drink Week ain't over, yet, folks. The big news is that Michael Taylor has finally got himself a blog...and about time, too! He thinks that I would be surprised, but I am not. He is the Imperial Bartender of the Empire. A few days ago, when he was giving me about a thousand ideas for my week of Drinking blog posts, I asked him when he was going to get a blog and he said, "Funny, that's what Harvey just asked me..."

Go check out Madfish Willie's now.

Best of luck, Taylor. We expect great things from you...and a martini every now and again.