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More Stinky French Stories

As I said in the previous post, I have been receiving a lot of email from people that probably wouldn't have visited prior to last week.

I have even got quite a few emails from former soldiers in the 3rd ID.  One email came from a long lost friend that I haven't been able to reach in 5 years.  A few have read the One Post That Started It All and said, "That was YOU?!!!"

One reader, GeekLethal, who is a contributor at the Ministry of Minor Perfidy, sent me this story about his experience with the change of command ceremony of our unit, the 3rd Infantry Division:

Do you remember the division change of command ceremony on that airfield at Giebelstadt, when General Keller took command?  The powers-that-be arranged a huge formation and parade, manned by resentatives of every unit in the division and allied commands.  I was part of the platoon-sized element representing HHC, 1 BDE.  I don't remember now why I was among those few, those happy few, to go and do this thing....if I had to guess, my E6 was probably protecting me from the S2 actual, whom I detested and made no secret about it.  Ah, youth.

Anyway, we showed up, I got off the bus, and of course being a military operation we had an hour to kill before we had to think about forming up.  I decided to look for foreign soldiers, maybe trade hats, you know, the usual stuff.

So I walked for a bit, looking at the different units arriving, hoisting guide-ons, smoking, bitching- again, usual Army scene.  After some walking I saw a French unit, just arrriving and getting off their bus.  Before I
could get over to them and across the road, they were forming up and getting ready to march.  No chance for trade there, I figured, as they started to march toward the runway.  Er, parade field.

And then the wind shifted.

A breeze blew across this froggy formation and brought the unfiltered funk of 30 French soldiers fresh from a long bus trip straight to my nostrils.
My eyes teared up, my throat burned, and I slightly wretched for a moment as I reflexively turned my head away and down.  Man, those guys were f--king vile.... total, all-encompassing BO so profound I gagged.  A little piece of me died that day.

I have absolutely no desire to experience France, as I feel I already have.  I experienced 30 of them in one place already.... millions together, in one country, would surely be the death of me. 

Looking forward to reading more of your work.

Same goes for me, GeekLethal.  I'll be visiting the Ministry to see how you are doing.