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More News From the War on Terror That You Will Never Hear About

In the same vein as my earlier post about Saving Specialist Gray, here are just a few stories that I found about Iraq and Afghanistan that the media doesn't show:

First Children's Clinic North of Mosul Opens in Iraq

"More than 100 parents and sick children waited outside the Sinjar General Hospital here Oct. 23, anxiously awaiting the opening of the first children's clinic north of Mosul."

This one's for Donnie: Some good ol' Georgia boys, specifically Georgia Army National Guardsmen, fend off an attack in Afghanistan.

"Army National Guard infantry soldiers held their ground and gave back everything they were getting during a firefight with Afghan militants who ambushed them outside the capital city of Kabul in western Afghanistan shortly after midnight on Oct. 12."

Clinic, Schools Open Doors in Iraq Thanks to 101st Airborne

"...no such health facility existed in the area, 101st officials said, adding that the project should alleviate concerns by local villagers and Jabur tribesmen that their sick cannot receive adequate health care."

The 4th Infantry Division Fixes a Water Treatment Plant in Iraq

"With help from Task Force Ironhorse engineers, residents of Bayji are finally receiving cleaner water following a two-month rehabilitation the city’s only water treatment plant."

Democratic elections begin in Iraq

"Members of the newly elected Tallafar city council took the oath of office Oct. 25 at their city hall after one of only three truly democratic elections in the history of Iraq."