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Monday Menagerie

Go visit the latest Hunting of the Snark at Electric Venom. This week's Hunt is a double dose and all of the snarky posts are really good. Harvey at Bad Money had a particularly snarky attitude towards European Super Power.

It's Bush and Rover versus the-Jong-with-the-poofy-hair over at IMAO.

"You will negotiate with me!" Jong demanded, "You will sign a non-aggression treaty!"

"But I like aggression!" Bush responded, "You're an evil, murderous dictator, and you better watch it or you're going to end up like Saddam and Osama - successfully hiding from us while occasionally sending out videotapes."

Note to my Ranger pal, Donnie, I'll be posting your Official Snack this afternoon. Oh yeah, Happy Freakin' Birthday, too.

John Hawkins has a transcript of a Blogger Symposium on the 2004 Election.

Heather has an interesting story, her story, about surgery to remove a tumor.

Tom The Friendly Ghost describes one of the toughest sea captains of all time. Sounds like a guy that would be good to have around...

Serenity rips up Michael Moore's public appearance in L.A.

Boots and Sabers discuss life-style differences between the hard-core (Army and Marines) and the soft-core (the Air Force).