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Media Bias - Let's ask Europeans in Paris what they think about our President

In Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, Joe Ray, a free-lance reporter from Paris, writes about Europe’s disdain for America and attributes the major cause of said disdain to be one President Bush…or “Baby Bush” as they call him in gay Paris.

The Tribune editors give the article a prominent front page placement and 3 columns inside the Perspective Section which is the editorial/commentary section of the paper.

Essentially, the article is written about the hopes of Europeans to have President Bush replaced in 2005. One of my favorite quotes from the article comes from Jordi Carreno, a Spanish architect, when he was asked what he would like to see in a new president in 2005.

“A little bit of humility and cooperation in those items that the rest of the world cares about like global warming, globalization, and responsibility toward the U.N.”


Hey, Jordi, the rest of the world wants globalization? Are you nuts? Have you talked to the Chinese government? They tell you they wanted globalization, hmm? How about those North Koreans?

Responsibility toward the U.N.? What about responsibility of the UN to follow through on its own resolutions?

What you want is our humility to kiss Europe’s arrogant ass. No thanks, I am not signing up for that. You can keep hating me and my president…

The next genius that Joe Ray quotes is Iceland native Snorri Sturluson, who is an art director for a NY ad agency in Paris.

The next president “should mind his or her own business – the business of the U.S. – and stop playing world police,” Sturluson said.

Snorri, you arrogant ass, when Iceland is threatened by attacks from Islamic suicide bombers, maybe you would have a different opinion about who should be playing world police.

Next, Joe Ray gives us the breakdown of percentage of people that believe US global leadership is undesirable:

France=70% Germany=50% Italy=50%

And 71% of Europeans surveyed said they now would like to see Europe emerge as a superpower.


So after talking to various people around Paris, Joe Ray finally talks to a French parlimentarian who happens to be the only one in the article that does not criticize the U.S. or President Bush. He finds the one person in the entire city of Paris who does not hate us…amazing.

I will leave you with another insight of Mr. Ray:

“Bring Back Monica Lewinsky” T-Shirts have even shown up on the streets of Paris, worn by Europeans longing for the relatively halcyon days of a sex scandal.

Well, Europe, you can have her…we'll keep our president.

Note: As of 6pm on 10-12-03, the Chicago Tribune did not put this article in it's on-line edition of the Sunday Tribune.