Honor Personified
Americans Die In Gaza


Frank J. has the In My World: The Democrat - Volume 2 posted - Bush learns to be a samurai. Seriously.

Kevin at Wizbang! has posted the Bonfire of the Vanities #15 - worst posts we could produce. Yours truly included. However, Jennifer was crowned Queen of Suck and has new graphic in her sidebar to prove it.

The Carnival of the Vanities #56 is up - go check out the buffet of the blogosphere...

Drink Alert!: This one via Margi - Snooze Button Dreams has an interesting encounter with his son, Bear.

John Hawkins discusses a cop's ability to defend him/herself.

Harvey and Taylor (my Bartender of choice) over at Madfish Willie's Cyber Bar debate what I would do for Cubs tickets...a deal with White Glenn...hhmmm, maybe?

For all of you who emailed me about how I feel about fan interference (and it was interference) see the picture below:

fan interference.jpg

Tickets to the game: $400

16 beers, and 2 hotdogs: $100

The realization that this guy needs to get

his ass kicked,

and then being the guy to do it: