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Israel Is Just A Postage Stamp on the Runway

Doc Russia has a very good post over at Pardon My English about the need for moderate muslims, if they exist, to step up and start making changes.

On a related topic, the NYT has an article (sign in required) about why the lawyer for Army Chaplain Captian James Yee is upset at the treatment his client is receiving. This is the Army Muslim Chaplain that was arrested for transporting classified documents off of the Gitmo internment facility that houses the Al Qaeda scum that were captured in the US, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Capt. James Yee, the former Muslim chaplain at the detention facility at the naval base in GuantÀanamo, Cuba, who has been charged with mishandling classified information, is being held in maximum security, kept in leg irons and prohibited from reading anything but the Koran, his new defense lawyer said on Thursday.
Leg Irons? Leg Irons are too good for Yee.
The arrest of the chaplain, along with that of two other prison staff members on suspicion they helped detainees pass along messages, raised concerns there was a concerted effort to infiltrate the facility.
If these men were passing messages amonst the worst human filth bent on killing innocent people, then they should get the death penalty. Period.