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Fury and Rage!

This via My Life As An Army Wife: These two jackasses, Gary Grossman and James Skelly, worte a letter inviting dissent among our troops.

I served as both a sergeant and officer in the U.S. Army. You two academics need to learn a lesson about honor and courage. Those are words you use freely, yet I am sure you have no real understanding of the depth of their meaning...

You disgrace the uniforms you once wore. You disgrace the memory of every soldier that gave his life for his country and defended your right to spew your traitor-language.

You severely underestimate the intelligence, will, and morality of those in military service. In order to protect innocent civilians, our servicemen are dying rather than defending themselves with unrelenting force. Your "message" to our soldiers actually might get more of them killed. Did you think of that?

You should stop hiding your cowardly selves behind academia.

You treasonous bastards! You are not consientious objectors. Just cowards...