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French Tank Surrenders By Itself

File this one under "It Couldn't Happen to A Nicer Bunch of Surrender Monkeys"

The Rantings of a HomicidalManiak reports that the Leclerc tank is being discontinued.

Apparently they are laying people off at GIAT because the Leclerc is such a failure.

I wonder how they decided it was a failure without even taking the tank out of the shrink-wrap.

Funnily enough, even Saudi Arabia, being sick of our American imperialism and all, doesn't show any signs of wanting anything to do with the frogs' favorite surrender and retreat vehicle

This is the infamous tank that French General Jannier said was superior to the M1A1 Main Battle Tank.

Apparently, it did have three gears for reverse.

Thanks to the Maniak for this bit of good news.